Warehouse Sale - Chore Coats


Warehouse Sale - Chore Coats
Warehouse Sale - Chore Coats

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The items shown here are samples or production quality "seconds" of our heavyweight coveralls, and do not represent the final fit or quality of our products. These coveralls are discounted and are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. As such, please triple-check your measurements before ordering.

Click through UNIQUE VARIANT to get size, details, and price of each individual garment. Scroll down for more details on individual pieces. 


Key Terms Explained:

P1 sample: This is the very first sewn sample we make to review fit and fabric. 

P2 sample: Used to review after revisions made in the first fitting, quality will be closer to the end product.

TOP sample: The last sample that is made before it goes into production. Details and fit should be in place to demonstrate final product. 

Production quality "second": Was sewn during a normal production run with final fit, details and construction quality. Was pulled from our normal stock due to an inconsistency or quality control issue.  




Sewing floor sample. No size tag.


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